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D'Lemor is an independent music artist, a poet, designer and a creative visionary. As a child she played the violin and was vocally trained by her father who plays the piano and the accordion. During this time singing became more than an act of music, it became her first love. 

D'Lemor's life experiences have shaped her as a human and as an artist. The immigration journey from Poland to the United States with her father in 1985 was a pivotal moment in her life, one that could fill endless pages of a novel. Her endurance as a little girl along with her strength and a strong belief that love can conquer all, have become the gemstones of her poetry.


Her faith in God has become her truth.

D'Lemor's lifelong dream and aspirations of pursuing music were put on hold as she poured her creativity and heart into event and interior design in New York. Designing was an avenue in which she could express a variety of her talents. Her goal was to bring joy and beauty to the lives of many by bringing her visions to fruition and creating a better world in surroundings and experiences.


She also began a project called "Spaces of Love" where she transformed the spaces of children who are ill. She strongly believes that surroundings in which children reside have great impact in their development and healing process. Creating nurturing spaces for children is something that she is very passionate about and plans to continue creating in the future.

In 2020 D'Lemor could no longer deny her lifelong dream. At the age of 47 she decided to pursue music. Led always by her heart and intuition she strongly believes that her musical journey was meant to begin at this time in order to convey its essence. 

She inspires to transform the poetry which she wrote throughout her life into lyrics and songs in order to inspire the world with LOVE. She desires for others to see the world through a lens of LOVE and to remind them of the beauty of HUMANITY. 

She released “Shine” on 9.18.2020 as the first single off her upcoming debut album “Your Lens of Love” in collaboration with seven time Grammy Award Winner / Producer / Mixer Brian Vibberts and Glen Gabriel a Swedish composer of films and commercials who has been nominated for three Hollywood Music in Media Awards.


​Her songs beautifully translate through her hypnotic, angelic and otherworldly voice. D’Lemor’s creations run a wide array of genres, exposing listeners to their own emotions and touching them at the depth of their core. Her second single "A KISS" was released on 2.14.2021 and "Your Silent Song" on 5.25.2022.


A small glimpse at D'Lemor's Creative Work

Heart Project "Spaces of Love"
The Before and After  look at D'Lemor's
​Room Transformation for beautiful Emily, a survivor of Stage 4 Erwig's Sarcoma

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