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“Shine by D'Lemor holds the power to convince you that life is still beautiful and worth living even when it is as ugly and harsh as 2020 made us think it is. The song seems to carry the warmth, intimacy, endless sensuality, and infinite beauty of all the sunshine in the morning breeze, the voice of the oceans, the soft stroke of wind, the odor of a new day: the glimpse of something newborn, something good that has to start. 

~ Nuevo Culture


"Pureness that pours out of D’Lemor’s voice fills the air with indescribably blissful energy. She shares the message of hope and the power of unity, and most importantly, you can feel that she firmly believes in both. The energy of “Shine” is soul healing. It wraps you up in love and cares with such vulnerability you do not want to escape."

~ New Hit Singles


"D’Lemor’s vocals are delicate as they weave her lyrical poetry into the melody. Her voice has a lot of power that comes into its own for the chorus that takes your hand and has you soaring into the sky. Through her performance, you are filled with the emotions of the lyrics and a sense
that things can be better."

~ The Other Side Reviews     

"Shine” is a piece of assured music from an artist who is perceptive and immensely talented and this one song is a promise to us that her album might be one of the best records in the genre that we will hear this year."

~ Miami Music Buzz    

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